Terms of use of the portal b3MAX

I. Preamble

The operator of electronic online system b3MAX (next only “Portal”) is a company BETRIMAX s.r.o., operation b3MAX: Kukucinova 24, Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia, company ID: 46 261 656, TIN: 2023299256, Business register Trencin, Section: Sro, Insert No: 30068/R (next only „Operator“). The operator provides services to natural and artificial persons  for legal acts (next only „Users“). These terms of use portal b3MAX (next only „Terms“).

II. Basic term

1. The event is public cultur – social or musical performance, which hosts the organizer.

2. The Organizer is a natural or artificial person who organizes the event and uses the services of the Operator and the Implementor. Operator in organizing their events is also the Organizer.

3. Implementor is a natural or artificial person who planned and executed event for the Organizers . If the Operator organizes and implements event , it is also the Implementor.

4. Partner is a natural or artificial person who is financially or non-financially involved in the promotion, support and implementing of the event. Types of partnerships: exclusive advertising partner, general partner, main partner, official advertising partner, advertising partner, product partner and media partner.

5. Performer is a person or group of persons who acts at the event.

6. Cooperator is a natural or artificial person on behalf Portal searches for new customers, partners and events.

7. The Customer is a natural or artificial person who through the reservation system on the Portal books ticket or tickets to events.

8. A Visitor is a natural or artificial person who bought the ticket or tickets for the event.

9. Reservation of the tickets is an automated system that keeps track of applicants for tickets to the event and also allows Users to reserve and purchase tickets for an actual event.

III. Services

1. The Operator provides for Users of electronic bidding and reservation system, in which Users – Organizers of events seek appropriate option or options for their event, order the execution of their event and their event can be inserted in the list of events on the Portal. On the other hand, the Users – Customers can search through the list of events and book tickets for actual event.

2. The Portal for Users creats through computer programs, web pages and instructions, which operate mostly automatically, without any intervention and control by the Operator.

3. The Operator on the basis of their options to control the content and accuracy of the information provided or disclosed to individual Users, but still liable for their true contents.

4. The services at the Portal include mainly the collection, processing, storage and retrieval of datas.

IV. Registration

1. Registration on the Portal is condition of location event to list of events and reservation. Order individual service modules of the Portal User can without registration. Registration is free.

2. Registration means inserting username and e-mail in the registration form. After sending registration form is the password sent to the email address of the User.

3. All registration information is stored in the User profile. If necessary, these data the User can amend and update.

V. User

1. The User may be Organizer, Implementor, Partner, Performer, Cooperator, Customer or Visitor.

2. The User undertakes to indicate when registering for themselves correct information and give the Operator all the information it required.

3. The Operator within the possibilities available to it inspects the contents of the registration data entered by individual Users.

4. If the User enters about yourself when registering any false information notes that the controller is not related to him in any way bound by it and can without further justification to refuse to perform acts which would otherwise be required and that it can unilaterally cancel his registration, without any further claims and compensation.

5. The User is uniquely identified via their username and password.

6. If the User reliable manner contrary is proved, it shall be presumed that any operation performed on the Portal under his username and password, perform User and to freely and seriously, with the intention of having legal consequences, with which the execution of the transaction involved.

7. The User undertakes with due diligence to protect their access data and notes that the act committed under his username and password directly obliges him, without the need for proof of his personal involvement in the act.

8. Operator is not responsible for any damage resulting from unauthorized use of their User name and password by third parties.

9. The User accepts e-mails and phone calls from the Operator.

10. The Operator is entitled to unilaterally and without notice, terminate or User registration. event or reservation, in cases where suspects that:

a) will be abused by the Operator provided services,

b) his data are or could be in breach of Slovak law, morality or these Terms,

c) does not have full legal capacity,

d) it is shown fictitiousness of the User.

e) except as expressly provided in these Terms, User may not alter or modify, copy or otherwise reproduce, distribute, provide public otherwise distribute, rent, lend, display, operate, reproduce, publish, license, transfer or sell any information, original or copy software (software parts), neither of them generate summary or derivative works. The User must not in any way obtain or attempt to obtain any copies of the software (either to a personal use) any material or information relating to the Portal that were not publicly disclosed.

12. The User declares that:

a) is a fully able to legal capacity,

b) he is aware of the consequences of their actions when using the Portal,

c ) he carefully read the conditions, understand their content and unconditionally agrees with them and will follow them,

d) acts in his use of the Portal is considered to be made freely and seriously,

e) by registration he comes into legal relations with Operator and other Users.

VI. Organizer

1. The Organizer of the event is a User who has interest in the organization and arrangement of musical, cultural or social event and wants to use the services offered by the Operator of the Portal.

2. The event Organizer can insert into their event list and specifies the name, time and place of the event.

3. The Organizer, which entered the event in the list for Portal, explicitly declares and undertakes in relation to Operator and Users in relation to that information on his person and events that publish in the list of events are true.

4. The Organizer may change the event in the list and cancel at its option.

5. The Operator may enter into a contract with the Organizer, which may also specifies individual provisions of these Terms. The purpose of such contracts is the Organizer and marketing support to promote their individual events.

6. The Organizer agrees with the publication of data which indicated at registration and put into event.

VII. Customer

1. The Customer is a User who can book tickets on the website or tickets in accordance with these terms and conditions of ticket. Condition of the reservation ticket or tickets is registration, which is free.

2. The Customer declares to the Operator, as well as in relation to other Users that information about personal details provided when registering or when booking ticket or tickets are true.

VIII. Event

1. A new event in the list of events on the Portal may add by the Operator or Organizer.

2. Each event is included in the respective category.

3. The event includes especially: title, venue, photo, date and time. If the check box reservations, Organizer activates Portal reservation system and fill in information about ticket by form. After completing all the required information, click submit for approval. After approval of event for Operatora that appears in the list of events on the Portal.

4. The Operator through the Portal handles events from each Organizers, and treat them in accordance with these Terms.

5. The events in the list of events by date and time of the procedure.

6. Evidence and validity of the event are governed by the Portal system time.

7. The Operator is entitled to the event that is contrary to these Terms shall not disclose.

8. The Organizer may at any time his event to amend or delete from the list of events.

9. Registration on the Portal is free of charge. The price for the realization of the event will be agreed separately with each Organizer. Reward for Cooperators of the Portal brokering of the event will be agreed on the basis of specific contractual arrangements. Payments will be made on the basis of the quote and invoice exclusively through bank account.

 IX. Design and implementation of event

1. The Organizer may require the Operator to draw up proposal for an event where the event enters basic information : type of action, place, date, time, expected number of visitors, estimated budget, technical specifications, if necessary on which performers has an interest.

2. The Operator at the request draw up proposals for action for the Organizer, which contains a draft of the scenario, the cast of performers and technical support.

3. Upon approval of the proposal event by the Organizer and sending of the order sent Implementor begins with the preparation and implementation of the event.

X. Data protection

1. Users acknowledge that the information required in connection with using the Portal will be processed automatically by the system.

2. The Operator declares that User data is processed confidentially and only for the use of the Portal.

3. To Users the data will be provided only in accordance with these Terms, to verify the identity of the User and for the purpose of sending information about events.

4. User agrees that it entered data are automatically used for the above purposes. The Portal may use cookies or other technology to allow the holding of information that the User previously entered.

XI . Liability for damages and guarantee

1. Users take note that under the current state of the technologies it is not possible to construct a flawless computer programs and systems for automatic data processing.

2. The Operator does not guarantee the continuous operation of the Portal for the availability of their services and their perfection.

3. The Operator is not liable for damage caused by technical failures, problems, and the Internet connection to it, even in real time synchronization with the Portal system time.

4. The Operator shall not be liable in any way for direct or indirect damages that may arise to Users.

5. The User is not entitled to claim damages from the business, which did not take place for reasons relating to the Operator.

6. The User acknowledges that the data and information on the person are protected with due diligence maximum, which does not exclude the possibility of their misuse by third parties.

XII. Final articles

1. In assessing the content of each of the acts and their interpretation are decisive primarily these Terms.

2. The relations of the Operator and Users shall be governed by generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic and these Terms.

3. To resolution of any disputes arising in connection with using of the Portal is the general jurisdiction court of the Slovak Republic.