Welcome to the site Agency b3MAX. We deal mainly by organizing music, entertainment, cultural and social events for cities, municipalities and companies / local public celebrations, anniversaries, fairs, concerts, balls, entertainments, festivities, etc. /. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals has many years of practice and experience in organizing events of various types. We plan event and provide for performers, advertising, promotion, sound and lighting. Performers appropriate selection and programming of the event we are able to adapt the financial possibilities and ideas of the customer.

Our agency also provides booking for the artists of various genres and management of the performances.

We offer more than 300 performers:

music groups – rock, pop, evergreen, folk, country, disco, revival …

– DJ performance

solo artists – singers, presenters, entertainers, imitators, animators, clowns

theatres for children and adults

variety shows – dancing, fire, light, fighting, historical, entertainment, children…

“programs to order” from our menu or according to the wishes of the customer